I managed to get a shot of this small White faced Heron in Kaikoura. I was walking for a few hours to get some shots of seabirds only to get this little guy five meters from the car park. With a lot of patience it waited for the correct time to strike and catch a small fish in the shallow pool. You can almost see it in the picture but dinner is inches from its feet.

White-faced Heron 

(Egretta novaehollandiae)

White-Faced Heron


White Faced Heron



Then there was also the New Zealand fur seals. They are a  bit of a smelly bunch, but they are cute and harmless to us. Well that is unless you wake them. They have only bred in the Kaikoura area since about 1985, the population here being a transient one of approximately 2,000 with the greatest numbers occurring in winter.


Ohau stream walkway and waterfall – off SH1
The Ohau Stream and Waterfall walk is a must do side-trip alongside viewing the seals at Ohau Point Lookout, keep following the road for a few hundred metres – as it descends to the coast. Then Look for the the Ohau Stream and Waterfall walk signpost.



Seal Pup

Below is a link to a short video.


The Essentials

Location :

A short drive north from Kaikoura along state highway one  there is parking along the road and you cannot miss the signs or the tourists. From there it is a easy short walk to the waterfall. You will encounter some seals on the way making the same trip. You will need to get there by your own means, but it is accessible by a, bike or as part of a tour group

Camera Basics :

Tripods and flash is allowed as the waterfall is open to the public.

Helpful hints :

The waterfall is secluded so a flash will come in handy. Spray from the waterfall is sure to get you a bit damp so take a cloth to clean that lens

In the area :

A short drive to the town of Kaikoura will provide all your required creature comforts

2 responses to “Kaikoura

  1. Love the photo of the fur seal. Something so enticingly friendly about these animals.

    Do you have an “about” page? I can’t seem to find one, as I wanted to leave a thank you for your follow. Well, guess I just did 🙂 And I’m delighted to follow you back!

    • Thanks. The seals are really cute and friendly, but man are they smelly. Thanks for the follow and any critique is most welcome. I updated the links in the blog to go to my flickR site. They have a bit more detail

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