The Myth of Shooting in Manual Mode

Learning to See Light

“You are a real photographer if you shoot in manual”

Seemingly innocent words and yet… implies two things.

To be a real photographer you must shoot in manual mode. 


If you don’t shoot in manual mode you aren’t a real photographer

Yes, suddenly that sentence has all sorts of layers, and none of them pretty.  If I had $5 for every time I have been told to shoot in manual, or that shooting in manual was easy, I would probably have enough to buy my new tripod head.

Shot in Tv mode with a variable ND on a tripod

So what is it about this particular ‘myth of manual’ as I like to call it?  Why is it considered the best or the only way to be a proper photographer? On asking, the reply usually given is “oh you have more control over what the camera does and can…

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