GPS for Photographers

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I share a lot of “behind the lens” photographs on my Instagram page, and one of the questions I get most frequently is “what’s that thing on top of your camera?”. The answer is that it’s the Canon GPE-12, a small GPS device that sits on the hotshoe of my canon 5D Mark III. When turned on, it logs the information and embeds it directly into the metadata of my photograph, making it possible to view where each photograph was taken in software or on photo-sharing websites.

iPhone-2014-Mar-02-3This image, originally shared on Instagram, shows my camera set up with the GPS device attached at the top (in the hotshoe).

Some cameras come with the built-in ability to add GPS data to images, such as with the Canon 6D. Some allow you to add accessories to your camera, just like I do with my Canon 5 Mark III, and others have no…

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