Too much SmokyRockyStreamy

Lately I have taken a liking in long exposures. They tend to calm things down in the soul. They just love it if you stare at them for a while. They have all the time in the world to make and pretty easy as well so not so clever or book smart people like yours truly can have a go at them as well.



Well perhaps they have limits. I think I have the exposure too long in the image below. There seems to be too much loss of details or perhaps this just was not that kind of scene?


The two images was taken in Mt Aspiring national park. Recent road works cleared a slip and the rubble found its way to the stream. The stream is steadily smoothing out the sharp surfaces, but the moss has not quite laid their claim to the new surfaces. I like to think of it as planet earth in motion….


So as i am learning more and more about my camera I am learning that it wants to make everything grey or average. I am also learning that nothing mechanical made can see things like the human eye can. Some people say it is because people add emotions to what they see, but I just think it is that your eye is like an adaptive video camera updating and adjusting the light constantly where a still image is one exposure in that fracture of a second. I will leave that to the clever people to debate about, but I took an image from the same series and just warmed up the rocks a bit and got the image below.




As always if you want to see the technical bits or get the higher Resolutions you can also follow me on FlickR and view the images there.
Please note Comments and Critique is welcome, but Copyright applies to use of the images 🙂

3 responses to “Too much SmokyRockyStreamy

  1. Willem, I have never attempted long photography (well, purposefully, that is) and so I really enjoyed reading your post and your thoughts. Lovely effect!

    • Thanks. They are soft on the eye so you almost feel like you are there. I like the contrast in the sharp surroundings , but the soft water gives that feeling of movement. I am not good at it yet, but just wait till I get that ND10 filter. 🙂

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