Google+ vs Lightroom – An alternative upload

I really love Google and the products and services they bring to the world. I run my own little domain on Google and use everything from Google docs, Apps, YouTube and whatever they offer. All of this is done for FREE which is fantastic so Thank You very much oh great Google. However I ran into some troubles with Google+ recently. You see I don’t really have much time for social media or social networks. Yes they are fun to see what mates are up to, but they are evolving into some internet goblin sucking the life out of people and just creating electronic pollution, or maybe that is just facebook and twitter.  Occasionally I would find an interesting group on them, but nowadays I only hangout or surf what is on Pinterest, flickR and lately Google+. You see I am not a very creative person so I use these sources to find idea’s and inspiration for my photography. I also use sites like flickR to get my work out there and perhaps get some feedback from the real world. That’s where I ran into some problems with Google+.

I run Adobe for all my photography stuff and as you know Adobe Lightroom has this excellent feature in the Library module called Publishing Services that lets you publish your photo’s directly to facebook, flickR or hard drive. I found it an excellent way to publish photo’s directly to facebook, without needing to go to facebook. The flickR service is even better since if you make changes to images it uploads the changes and the old image is removed. I also use it to publish images to a folder that I sync to Google drive so if I carry work with me it is always current on all my devices. However Google+ was missing from this service. There is a bloke that makes a plugin that he will give to you for a donation through PayPal, but this was not for me. The plugin is good and works for six weeks before you need to donate, but I have seen too many horrifying stories with Paypal so I am not going down that route. So how do you get your images to Google+ without a manual upload? Well I still use Lightroom but I have a little help from Picasa.


So here’s what I do:

Firstly I create a publishing service in the library module to a location on a disc. This folder is separate from all my other folders or publishing services output. This is important since you only want this folder to be uploaded to Google+ and you will use the Sync task later to target this folder. Set your preferences and publish some shots in the service. If you want various albums create a Published Folder in the service. You will see how they are displayed later  in Google+





Next up install Picasa. Once installed remember to sign in with your Google account so the app can read your Google+ account and upload your images

Picasa will try to go through your whole PC or Mac to show you any and all images. I do not want that so I limit it to only the folder I created specifically for Google+ (not saying you can’t just be careful not to publish stuff you shouldn’t). To achieve this just set the folder control to the desired folder.

Click Tools > Folder Manager to control which folders are displayed:



Note how the Published folders in Lightroom show up as sub folders in Picasa and as Albums on the Web

Once you set the Sync option for each folder it will Sync to Google+ .


The Scan Always setting on the root folder (Picasa in my case here) will be updated and uploaded to Google+ as your Albums automatically when you run Picasa

Lastly you just need to set the Sharing option and that is easy enough from the web and you only need to do it once per album



Once this is all set all you really have to do is publish a shot in Lightroom and open Picasa and wait for it to upload.  All the meta data goes up to Google+ so as long as you set everything in Lighroom you should see that in Google+

If someone has a better way I would love to hear from you 🙂

and to the Google Guru’s , hurry up with that API ! Pleeeeeeeease 🙂



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