Just some random items

I have not been very active with the lens as of late. I must be in a deep hole or something as I just have not been able to capture something I deem noteworthy and certainly have not been capturing something that I am willing to put out there to the critics. That being said I have been told I am my own worst critic! I might just need some inspiration or some motivation or maybe I just need to get curious again and go explore the world again with fresh eyes. Perhaps I should try something new or perhaps I must get stuck in again. Who knows ?

Anyway enough ramblings of the mad man. Here is just some randoms

New Brighton Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

I figured out that with Fireworks bulb mode works best and if you do not have your shot in the first 15 minutes all the smoke the fireworks give off is probably going to spoil the rest. Although those really really big and high ones is still the best to get

Lake Wakatipu

Did some exploring in the Queenstown and Glenorchy area.This is pretty much the only shot I got for the weekend. I got bit wet after this with a real downpour ….

Lake Wakatipu

Bench Sunset

In a brief flutter I had a idea for the first time in weeks. I tried to get a sunset with the benches leading the way into the orange sun. Problem was I left the filters at home so that blazing sunset is now blinkies in LightRoom.

Sunset on the bench

A good day walk to do is the Hooker Valley walk. It is an easy walk and the trail is well maintained. It is a bit of a gamble with weather conditions getting a clear shot of Mt Cook though

The Lonely Shelter

Still have not been able to get that iconic glass reflection shot I covet so much

Aoraki Mt Cook

And I finally fixed the Walking into the Sunset shot to the way it was supposed to be

Walking into the sunrise

Well Almost…..

2 responses to “Just some random items

  1. I like the soft water in the Wakatipu shot, its very painterly. I passed my exam and splurged on a full set of Lee filters, hopefully arrive early Jan and have some tips for some places to visit on the Peninsula if you want to day trip

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