Traveling in London

London is a big city and has a few iconic scenes as a tourist you have to capture. I have tried to get a few of them in the images below, but as I am traveling I do not have all my camera bag with me and left my Lightroom tools is at home. The images below is yet to be finalised in post, but I think I might have a few keepers in there. I have taken quite a number of shots , but over the last two days we’ve had good weather that changed the light quite considerably so the first lot will probably end up in the trash. My keeper avg is going to take a serious blow after this trip. Traveling abroad I reduced the amount of gear I normally travel with quite considerably on this trip. I can kick myself for not packing the filters, but traveling lighter sure has benefits.


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. They just don’t build it like this anymore




The London Eye – Love the colours and the reflection on the water. The crowds not so much

London Eye

London Eye


London Bridge – Still need to find the right angle for this one

London Bridge

 and of course we had to try some HDR

Tower Bridge


Let me know what you think or just leave a comment and remember if you click on an image you should see a larger view. Better yet follow me on Flickr and see them in full view……..soon

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