Lightroom CC

I have been using Adobe’s Lightroom since version 4 and for me it has been worth every cent. The early versions had a few shortcomings , but with the release of version5 the radial filter and spot removal tool  Lr removed my need for Photoshop.  Today Adobe released Lightroom CC and with the new features it most certainly is worth the upgrade. The new version has GPU support as well as better support for gestures and retina monitors.

The  two features that had me jumping with joy is HDR and Photomerge. The Canon 5DIII can do HDR in camera, but you cannot really do much with a jpg in Lr so now that Lr can merge the raws I cannot wait to dig into older photo’s and improve my HDR images. Photomerge will now allow you to create your panorama  in Lr and even an HDR Pano !

In the release video’s Adobe shows us just how easy things have become.

New Basics 

Most of it is fairly standard, but at 4:28 the quick white or black points will really come in handy to correctly set the dynamic range. However the option now to brush out areas of a Gradient filter or Radial filter fixes so many things for me.



I use HDR in sunsets quite often, but I was limited by the jpg edits I could do. Now that the HDR can be an a DNG all the data will be available to enhance the image



The best part is all your edits are non-distructive so the actual raws are not affected


Improved Slideshows


Facial recognition 

Let me know what you think or just leave a comment and remember if you click on an image you should see a larger view. Better yet follow me on Flickr and subscribe to this site and see images in full view and get notified of new postings.

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