Randoms 0002

Old locomotives and a bit of history is always interesting. The Plains Museum in Ashburton has frequent running days when they run the machines. Tickets are cheap and you definitely will have a good time.


There are old fire trucks and equipment of yesteryear. I have this thing for RED these days. Don’t really know where it is coming from, but anything red attracts me like a bear to honey. So when I saw the old Ford firetrucks I could not resist to get a shot of the Big Blue oval against that Red back drop. Perhaps next time I can fit the whole firetruck in the photo

Blue blooded Red Ford

I almost have these two images untouched, beside for a crop and a bit of details in the badge it is pretty much out of camera. I think the reason I like it so much is that it has so many opposite aspects. The Red vs the Blue, the round oval against the straight lines and then the oval is framed slightly to the left forcing you to to look to the left , but the lines draw’s the eye to follow it to the right. Perhaps I am reading to much into it, but this is a very basic image and yet I can stare at it for quite a bit of time.

Ford Firetruck



I like to chase those early morning sunrises, but you don’t always get them. They can be hard and sometimes you are just plain out of luck. So since you are out and about anyway you might as well click that shutter and see how it looks on the screen. Exploring is half the fun anyway.





Let me know what you think or just leave a comment and remember if you click on an image you should see a larger view. Better yet follow me on Flickr and see them in full view



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