LightRoom Presets – Free!

So I might have underestimated the power Lightroom presets has to enhance an image. I am only now discovering how this powerful tool can be used to make my images have a bit more definition.


The good people of has made things a bit easier with a few presets for free! All you need to do is give them a like on Facebook or Google+ and download it from the bottom of the page


Download them here : Free Presets

One response to “LightRoom Presets – Free!

  1. I have LOADS of presets – you can try Trey Ratcliffs free ones, tho his are generally more creatively colourwise and I don’t use them that often.

    But in one of my training bundle purchases I got some David du Chemin technical ones and I am using those a lot, some from Nicole S Young, Lindsay Adler and Scott Wyden Kivowitz who has some useful technical ones too

    I use his Bag of Glass options a lot

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