Lighthouses in New Zealand

There are 23 active light houses and 74 light beacons in New Zealand all owned and maintained by Maritime New Zealand. These are all remotely operated from a control room in Wellington . When I chase sunsets or sunrises lighthouses provide for a great subject in the frame. They stand tall like guardians of the land welcoming the day or tucking in for the night. Most of the lighthouses are accessible to the public through a short walk and they all give us breathtaking views of the area.

Castle point

Castle point

Castle Point is situated on the Wairarapa coast and also known as the holiday light. Cpt Cook noted Castle point looked like an “old medieval stronghold” It it is one of two lighthouses in New Zealand still fitted with it’s original lens and was manned up to 1988 when it was changed to be monitored from Wellington



East Cape

East Cape Lighthouse

Situated on the Eastland peninsula, the East Cape lighthouse is the most easterly lighthouse in New Zealand.It is still publicly accessible although you do need to cross private farmland to reach it over an easy 45 minute walk. The lighthouse was originally located on East island, but the unstable cliffs and eroding land on the island lead to the decision to move it to the mainland


Cape Palliser

The 252 Step lighthouse

If you are wondering that is is 252 steps straight up to the lighthouse. When you reach the top there ain’t even a bench to have rest! The view from that high up sure is something to look forward to. I purposefully did not publish that photo so you need to go explore. Cape Palliser is also the most southern point of the North Island in New Zealand


Nugget Point

Nugget Point

Nugget Point lighthouse stands near the south-east corner of the South Island and is one of my favourite regions in the South Island. Many small islets and reefs lie close to Nugget Point and as far as sunrises go it delivers

Nugget point

The light house is a easy 20 minute walk from the parking area.


FarewellSpit Lighthouse

FarewellSpit lighthouse

The Farewell spit lighthouse stands on the north-western tip of the South Island of New Zealand. The lighthouse is only accessible to visitors by means of a public tour to explore the spit.The spit is a wildlife sanctuary and departure times are dependent on the tides. Although you are on the South Island, if you are at the lighthouse you are actually further north than Wellington on the Southern tip of the North Island

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Manakau Harbour Lighthouse

Manakau Harbour Lighthouse

The Manakau heads lighthouse has fantastic views of Auckland and the harbour. The light house is about 120 steps up and if you are lucky you could see one of the worlds rarest marine animals. The Maui’s dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) is only found on the west coast of New Zealand.


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Maritime New Zealand


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