Randoms 0005

I recently had a quick business trip to Mexico. I took the camera along, but quite frankly I did not really have much opportunity to take it out of the new bag. I am still writing a review on the new bag , but here some random shots i am still working on.



With strong winds these guy’s just drift in the wind. This one still is a youngster and don’t let them fool you. They can be quite the tenacious predator. I sm still working on his image , but might need some black and white lightroom skills

The Mexican Pelican




Day of the dead.

In this tradition people believe that on the last day of October the gates of heaven is opened for the dead to spend 24 hours with family. it is also referred to as the Sugar skull tradition and everywhere these are for sale. This is a bit of a costly tradition for the locals who can spend two month’s salary on this event.

Blue Scull


Let me know what you think or just leave a comment and remember if you click on an image you should see a larger view. Better yet follow me on Flickr and see them in full view


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