Randoms 0006

On a short day out I thought to  go shoot some waterfalls. Always good for slow exposures I was looking for something that I could make into my kitchen backsplash. I was thinking something green and slow to add life to a kitchen.


Devils Punchbowl

Arthurs pass definitely did not disappoint. I am not quite sure why it needs to be called the Devil’s punchbowl, but the waterfall changes with rainfall. I think I still need to capture this one at the correct angle. I love the still image with the perception of motion given by the falling water. Timing is definitely important to get the water falling correctly as well as not having the tree to dark with a too fast shutter. On many shots the shutter was correct for not over exposing the tree, but it then over exposes the water and you lose the detail in the water.

The fall

On the other end of the walk is Bridal falls. I was hoping to get some shots of snow and streams but slow falls is always pretty

Bridal falls

Water fall

Then I struck  a bit of luck when I went off the beaten track near Milford Sound. I was still looking for a image to use as a kitchen backsplash and this one came pretty close.

The chasm

The water was cold as ice, but the scene worked. The scene was in the shade so I did not use any filters and just lit some of the dark spots with my torch.

The chasm

The photo did not quite work in the end given the cutout shape of my kitchen, but it sure was fun looking for it.


I had another go at the Punchbowl falls the other day, but I still do not get the image on screen the way I see it in my mind.




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